Step 1 – Linear Slide Bearings for CNC Machine

May 26th, 2013 by admin

This is the instructional video on how to make a bearing assembly that will slide along a round bar or an angle. The assembly is step 1 of many steps to cons…



  1. Peter Wilson says:

    A bit of creative video editing to speed things up would be good.

  2. Patrick Hood-Daniel says:

    Thanks peterwilson69 for the comment. I will do some editing to all of my videos to improve the experience.

  3. atomspace says:

    Thank you SO much for making these vids and for your website. I have a small business and we want to make some small signs out of pvc but can’t afford to purchase a cnc router. This is a great alternative.

  4. Patrick Hood-Daniel says:

    You’re very welcome.

  5. rjarcher says:

    Thank you for posting this video. Ive just ordered a book on building a cnc router. I’m in the same position as one of the other commenters i have a small business but can’t afford to buy a cnc router.

  6. Patrick Hood-Daniel says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Let me know if you have any questions throughout the build.

  7. Patrick Hood-Daniel says:

    The aluminum comes in the form of an angle and is 1/8″ thick. 3mm should be fine, but 2 mm will be a bit too small.

  8. Jacob Gulinson says:

    Why is there a baby in the background?

  9. Patrick Hood-Daniel says:

    I have kids.

  10. Jacob Gulinson says:

    haha kk it was just funny to hear you talking about this and then hear a baby noise loll

  11. Patrick Hood-Daniel says:

    Thanks. It sometimes got on my nerves, but overall, the users seem to think it’s funny, so I relaxed about it. You may even find them running around in some videos, but I do try to minimize the interruptions as much as possible.

  12. Patrick Hood-Daniel says:

    Back then, that’s all the wife would let me have. I needed to improvise with a vice grip.

  13. Patrick Hood-Daniel says:


  14. milek021 says:

    Would be a better, and more precisely for some part if round bar is moving between 4 bearing ? For example I make two of those U made during this video and put second on other side of bar, then U get bar surrounded with one bearing at every 90 degree ? ? I hope U understand me ? 🙂 Cheers

  15. Patrick Hood-Daniel says:

    Yes, I did this initially, but the bar needs to be hardened steel to minimize the flex that will occur. I selected aluminum angle since it can be made to hug another supporting material and is much more rigid.

  16. pardomtlca says:

    RPM on the drill is way too slow

  17. Patrick Hood-Daniel says:

    Thanks. I’ve gotten way better tools since then. :)) However, the RPM may appear slow due to the video and FPS. The rpm was at the tool’s maximum.

  18. FJoeForty says:

    Sie können immer spot hessischen Akzent, egal wie gut die englische Aussprache!

  19. bigdrock44 says:

    Kevin Spacey?

  20. steveBB30 says:

    So how do you tighten the slide? What about brinnelling of the ball bearings?

    Isn’t it easier to form a box slide.
    take square stock that will form the way, and some slightly smaller stock that will form guide rails and gibbs. Take 2 of the rail stock and a drill hole at each end. Rotate stock 90 deg, and drill/tap 3 additional holes. Next get 2 plates, and use the end holes in the guide rails to drill holes that will allow a “U” be formed.

  21. steveBB30 says:

    Make the inner width slightly wider than than rail+gib stock. Bolt last plate down on top, and tighten up until rail too tight to rotate, and is so constrained to slide/rotate between plates. Insert gib stock, and remaining holes take set screws the tighten gibbs against side of way , the clearance gap added between the guide rails, allows a little adjustment if you want to rotate the box a little, or loosen/tighten up the action. Don’t need rails to be perfectly parallel either.

  22. ItsALLgoingDownHill says:

    Dude, I fucking love you.

  23. OtagoMark says:

    “Kevin Spacey?
    bigdrock44 1 year ago” hahhahah!!!

  24. MrAirshot says:

    baby: ta tatattttata taat tata ttta atatattata
    father: cut this drill this and tap this