How to Replace a Front Wheel Bearing

May 25th, 2013 by admin

Learn how to change the front wheel bearing on your car in your own garage and without the cost of a car mechanic. With proper instruction, the right parts, …



  1. shantor100 says:

    Thank God, a perfect short video but very thorough and no wife in the background asking questions as if she cares. Bravo

  2. cindysh209 says:

    I sat here bored off my ass, freezing cold and was so tired sitting in the car for 4 1/2 waiting for two guys to do the same job u just did. my god. I’d pay you great tip. you’re good. I have to drive them back up there to finish the job. lol.this is only 1 tire.

  3. Tigrazzo says:


  4. IrishDaddi says:

    Had mine replaced twice at this local shop, and it still starts grinding badly after driving 15 mins! I’m very fustrated pissed

  5. opsvideo2008 says:

    This is the best video on changing the front wheel bearing that I have ever seen on youtube !!! Many thanks for kindly and freely sharing your expertise. I am glad that with the method shown, the DIYer doesn’t need a special hydraulic press to press out the bearing race or even an air wrench to do the job.

  6. mitko785 says:

    thanks mane great video

  7. Florin Stirbu says:

    this is rear wheel not front.

  8. barfyspitz says:

    Do you need to grease the spindle?

  9. Marcus Triplett says:

    very helpful

  10. Kelvin Feliciano says:

    This is a perfect video. Really helpful straight to the job no bullshit.

  11. Mole Maguires says:


  12. ns671fr says:

    what car is this?

  13. degrande707 says:

    Great video! Straight to the point, no B.S! Thumbs up!!!

  14. MrHappyslaps says:

    Excellent lean video with all the fat trimmed off. Hats off

  15. Dan Z says:

    looks like a mail truck LOL

  16. Dan Z says:

    this video doesnt help me at all. the only hard bearings are pressed ones.

  17. Dan Z says:

    jk i like the inner races.

  18. ryanmxn says:

    Usually these about dot com videos suck, but this one was actually good.

  19. TheAnonymous65 says:

    y? r u goin 2 buy the car in this video?

  20. STEELROBR says:

    Now that is how “how to” vids should be done. Clear concise instruction.

  21. ns671fr says:

    no its good reference only. usually I have to press out the bearing, this looks different.

  22. MusicArabiaUSA says:

    very professional but why does he not where gloves?

  23. Alex Smith says:

    Gloves are for people who are afraid of dirt and grease. It’s like the difference between people who eat fries with a fork or their hands.

  24. Stouthuyzen Bob says:

    best video indeed, right to the point and very well explaned, nice one