how its made ball bearings

May 24th, 2013 by admin



  1. Crizaldy Manching says:

    a very informative video…u

  2. James Meyers says:


  3. hans arnaldo says:

    my balls need some polishing too,

  4. Nootson08 says:


  5. xxskaterzxx says:

    they insert the inner ring to the outer ring

  6. xxskaterzxx says:

    the ball feeder feeds the balls down a small tube

  7. sugarcane854 says:

    Ball cage….hmmm I need one of those

  8. gotDIRT4mx says:

    those rough balls…

  9. flyingplane200 says:

    Ball pusher, rough balls, etc…they should have just named the video “That’s What She Said”

  10. Jgreen349 says:

    lol she sed balz

  11. Doberman Knives says:

    mmmmm, catapult ammo

  12. wwwtotalitaerde says:

    At the beginning of ww2 Germany bought all availabled ball bearings in the US through South American puppet companies and had them sent abroad. This forced the US to use badly worn ball bearings which even caused planes to crash. 

  13. David Ekstrom says:

    0:00 – 4:30 That’s what she said.

  14. TheRocklife13 says:

    Oh Kay now I know how to grease my balls thanks! Btw that’s what she said.. Lmao

  15. celesta121 says:

    The Tenth Doctor would love this. Well, if the bearings were edible.

  16. staticb2200 says:

    Rough balls with bumps? Wtf lol

  17. fishingfool211 says:

    this is where duke nukem works after the failure of his last game

  18. junior4girlz says:

    2:16 that’s what she said ;D

  19. MrNoggle says:

    Wish shed play with my rough bawls

  20. William Hastings says:

    Heh. Ball pusher.

  21. Faris Prasetiawan says:

    why are boys faster than girls? They have 2 ball bearings and a stick shift

  22. MrCooljag says:

    haha steel balls

  23. Garpin Sorino says:

    balls go in to a furnace to harden!!! hahahahahahaha! never gets old!!!!!!!!

  24. MrAlumar says:

    balls of steel

  25. yagakoro1337 says: