proVoke – Armored Bearings

August 7th, 2013 by admin

The Dropping of proVoke’s balls – The best bearings on earth. Each set comes with 8 Bearings + 4 Spacers Recessed cap is 1mm dee…



  1. shadowline900 says:

    hahahahhahah. that was so good

  2. Dio says:

    Possibly the greatest thing ever

  3. rembertnet says:

    wauw,…. just wauw!!! so fucking good

  4. berthard says:

    So fucking good

  5. TheJazza12 says:

    would i get wheel bite if i put penny wheels on truck with no risers and the truck and a 5 inch hanger??

  6. wesiam88 says:

    The box really does come pre-destroyed

  7. provokeclothing says:

    Well, that’s because the video is 100% true!

  8. Langenfeldgabber says:

    Great commercial

  9. Lily Hatkow says:

    :O speechless…….