INA Bearings

INA Bearings is a worldwide product of Schaeffler group’s of rolling bearings, and is extremely popular and preferred in the industries as engine making, transmission, trains etc. The group is the developer and soul manufacturer of the INA bearings. The bearings are providing quality product services in the competitive market for about 60 years now.

The schaeffler’s group is active in three groups and offers its services in sectors as Automobile, Industrial and Aerospace, while the focus is being the automotive manufacturers and the suppliers in these sectors. The automotive division provides expertise in fields and manufacturing process of engines, and trains etc. The group produces over 40,000 volumes of catalog in Ina Bearings.

The Schaeffler group offers high-tech solutions for industrial world and offers INA bearing in various forms as rolling bearings, spherical plain bearings, and plain bearings. The INA bearing is useful and handy in about 60 sectors of industrial world, where the bearing are useful for various manufacturing process and developments.

Ina Bearings

The Group is providing many services in it’s catalogue as maintenance tools and products. The group is also providing an online catalogue of INA bearing that can be accessed online or offline, to develop a design and make necessary calculations. The methods used are called CAD (computer aided design), and there the designs can be used and accessed to run simulations.

The Schaeffler’s group’s media catalogue is rich in the nature and once the bearings are transferred in the CAD system, it is ready for simulation and other calculations to be performed on it. This is necessary as to know how the bearing will react in different situations.

A ready to use software BEARINX is used to model the bearings and to make the calculations for this work. This software can be used to construct entire gearbox, complex machinery, and shafts etc. The program has also been provided online by the group for businesses to use this to design their compatible products.

The group has also introduced its own range of lubricants and suggests to use these for professional use in the environment. The lubricant is important part of the bearings and can affect a lot of aspects of Ina Bearings such as durability, quality and compatibility. Mounting manager is computer software that allows the user to make sure that the bearings have been mounted perfectly and precisely.

The INA bearings manufactured by Schaeffler’s group are available in the following designs and models:

a) Rolling Bearings: These bearings are made for rotary motions use. Rolling bearings are usually constructed by two integral raceways. These elements can be balls or cylindrical rolls which are fitted between multiple rings.

b) Plain Bearings: The purpose and function of these bearings is to support the parts that are in motion and are related to each other in motion sense. The sliding motion takes place between many rolling elements.

c) Linear Rolling Bearings: These bearings are made of translation motion basis, the principle is sampling of sliding bearing force rather than rolling bearings.

d) Linear Plain Bearings- In this arrangement the elements of plain bearings are separated by rolling parts, in a plain system.