Bones Bearings Team – La Puente Skatepark

May 27th, 2013 by admin

Clint Peterson rallied some of the Bones Swiss Bearings guys and headed out to the Avocado Heights Skatepark in La Puente California. He managed to wrangle u…



  1. ovdirtbiker says:


  2. Angel Alaniz says:

    Where is this park

  3. MrBaezification says:

    It’s called Avenue Park in avocado heights, an equestrian community bordering la puente

  4. Brian Reyes says:

    I was there that day!! That One dude Joel offers me shoes cuz he saw that mines were done

  5. Brian Reyes says:

    From the bottom He had size 10s & I’m an 11.5 so they wouldn’t of fit :/ But if your reading this Joel Thanks Again For the Offer (:

  6. Brian Reyes says:


  7. 100PercentSk8boarder says:


  8. James Buchmann says:


  9. wakiejakie2003 says:

    Guys the skatepark is at 4 ave park La puente

  10. wakiejakie2003 says:

    Because I go there to skate with my friends