Part 8 How To Install Rod Bearings For The Big Block Chevy

August 2nd, 2013 by admin

Learn how to Install the rod bearings, take readings and verify clearances. Standards and why you need them, Soft vice jaws. what size is your rod bolts? The…



  1. Ali D says:

    Hi John , to be honest with you I did not see in most of the Videos on YouTube someone hwo takes measurements in this seriousness I did not re-build any engine before in fact i did not touch an engine in my life, but I know the principles of the engine and I’m excited to do it in the summer break but the measurements and math has become an obstacle to me and thank you for this wonderful WORK

  2. John Kinslow Jr says:

    Hey Ali D,
    Thanks for the reply. I felt the same way you did and that’s why I made the videos! I’m no expert by any means just a novice. But sometimes it’s just easier to learn by seeing it done vs reading about it. Always check your readings 3 to 4 times. You can also use plastic gauge to double check your readings also. That’s my big message for you!!!
    Johnny K