Longboarding Tips: How To Put Bearings In Wheels & More

August 3rd, 2013 by admin

A Quick and Easy way to put in bearings into Wheels, putting wheels into trucks, and over all know what your doing when it comes to putting together your lon…



  1. austin spicer says:

    Got to use the big one…

  2. Connor Atkinson says:

    That’s what she said <3

  3. Gabriel Guzman says:

    I have regular bones reds and they spin for maybe 30 seconds… Is that ok?

  4. IffyChalice says:

    2:44 Thats what she said:3

  5. Wolfpack466 says:

    those little circles are washers and the “bolt” is actually a nut lol

  6. Nathan Nguyen says:

    Thnx this vid reLly helps

  7. Scott Smith says:

    Tomatoe Tomato