How To change your Muffler Bearings

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  1. bassmaster4209 says:

    You should have used a bucket of steam and a rubber chisel to get your bearings set right freaking amateurs

  2. MrJdmposer says:

    nice shirt!!

  3. Miskwamon says:

    Ummm, odd…but then you’re from Texas aren’t you.

  4. Ryan Atnip says:

    you and your puns sometimes..lmao

  5. FlamEffect says:

    I thought somethings was a miss last video.. dry bearings.. will do it every time

  6. bleepinjeep says:

    Everything is bigger in Texas

  7. bleepinjeep says:

    Those round ball ones add 15HP

  8. bleepinjeep says:

    I dont know but Ask this old house on PBS has several 55 gallon drums of it.

  9. bleepinjeep says:

    I find that the scales tend to catch when installing mouth first

  10. Sam LovesCoffee says:

    KaleCoAuto has them on sale!

    Muffler Bearings on sale for only $33.95!

  11. Sam LovesCoffee says:

    KaleCoAuto also has elbow grease. It is a hard to find product!

  12. pricelessmods says:

    This is quite funny. You must of been really bored to do this

  13. bleepinjeep says:

    busy busy, but you guys kept asking for it.

  14. labuyo001 says:

    lol you are so funny dude, but learning a lot from you….maestro.Keep it coming.

  15. bleepinjeep says:

    will do, thanks for watching!

  16. Mike Esteras says:

    did you know the 53 vw beetle actually has a part called a “muffler bearing” its actually a donut gasket but in the parts manual labels it as a muffler bearing

  17. jeforever23 says:

    Ha good job man

  18. --Brutus says:

    It’s my professional opinion that yes, a seafaring herring will make your car much more efishent.

  19. bleepinjeep says:

    Whale, we should dolfinately scale back on the fish puns.

  20. offroadking99 says:

    show us how to change are blinker fluid ahahah

  21. bleepinjeep says:

    actually, I have a video on that… check it out!

  22. Gary Lieb says:

    Could you tell me where to get a quart of 10:1 compression?

  23. bleepinjeep says:

    Wally World sells it, just ask the auto department.

  24. jmc90213 says:

    I can’t bear this shit any more. How about a video on changing out the old stagnant air in your drivers side tires.

  25. TheAcewingman89 says:

    Love the fish. Made me laugh and I needed a good laugh