How to Replace Bearings/Drum on a small front loader washer. Como concertar maquina de lavar roupa.

August 1st, 2013 by admin

Loud knocking sound on front loader? SEE: How to replace the bearings/drum and shocks on a Ke…



  1. DIYMarta says:

    That’s how I understood your comment in the first place. I’m glad you mentioned where to get just the bearings. Wish I’d known that before I did mine!! I didn’t know, though, that you could change the bearings without taking the tub out. It would be good to see a video of that done.

  2. myopinionsbetter says:

    I agree with pneaves comment about the screws, they were the hardest part of the job! It made it a little easier with the second one I did to have a 3/8 drive ratchet with two extensions and a universal or “wobble” adapter before the 3/8″ socket. Also move everything you can out of the way first. I also removed all screws accessible from the bottom first, then supported the whole drum from underneath (both halves), then the springs can be removed, making it easier to get to top bolts.

  3. myopinionsbetter says:

  4. myopinionsbetter says:

    they have many different seal and bearing kits

  5. myopinionsbetter says:

    buy only the seal, try to get your bearings american made. the ones they sell are chinese

  6. myopinionsbetter says:

    If anyone is in the finger lakes area of ny and has an old frigidaire or kenmore front load washer they want to get rid of for parts, I am willing to pick up…..

  7. Colbywalker1 says:

    You can buy the bearings separately. Bearing specialty store. Bring them in with you and they will size them up for you.  But Trust me if you can get the rear tub with them you’ll save a lot of knuckle busting. Good luck

  8. Colbywalker1 says:

    The the person takeing it appart the otherside would crab about them being the other way. Can’t please them all. 🙂

  9. Colbywalker1 says:

    Actually ..FYI…its from hard water and excessive soap use. Anyone that using more soap then 2 Table spoons per load will distroy the washer. Trust me I do this for a living…

  10. Colbywalker1 says:

    At 8:40ish….don’t use a screw driver to scrap it off. You can distroy the boot. Also in the very begining do this first and leave it on the front of the tub. Remove the front panel. Lean it forward on the floor face down detatch everthing you did. Lift the casing off and the tub is there on the floor for you to rebuild with out having to move it around. I also leave the cement blocks on as it doesn’t interfer with much unless its too heavy for some. Reverse the order when done.

  11. rocknrollohio says:

    Nice job but why? That’s a lot of work and money to put into one of the cheapest front load washers made. I have seen them on sale for $450. The parts must have cost $400

  12. DIYMarta says:

    And that’s pretty much what you have to consider: do you have $200 or $450?
    I did it because hopefully it’ll stave off Alzheimer’s.

  13. rocknrollohio says:

    My bad, I did not realize you could by that tub for $200 now, I priced one about 5 years ago and they retailed for about $375 then.

  14. Jared Hall says:

    Per the instructions that come with the shocks, I used a 12 or 13mm deep well socket to compress the tab thingy. Yes, that’s it’s technical name.

  15. philztheone says:

    Yes Marta, you’re very cute. How about Houston? It’s much warmer AND sunnier than dreary Oregon. 🙂

  16. philztheone says:

    Ah! Thank you Mr. Hall. I wouldn’t have thought of that either. 🙂

  17. Gerry Carson says:

    Hi Marta
    I service commercial laundry equipment. But was searching for bearing availability for my home front loader. I must compliment you on a wonderful spirit of enterprise in getting the job done with very limited tools but a wonderfully broad spectrum of DIY knowledge. What a wonderful friend you would make to anyone. lol. Kudos. If you want to move to sunnier climates you can work for me!

  18. DIYMarta says:

    Limited everything is right! Perhaps I should have recorded all the tears that went with this particular project. : )
    Thanks for the job offer, but I’m still waiting to hear back from the Sultan of Brunei regarding highly paid work.

  19. faranger says:

    Thank you as this video was a big help.
    I got mine running smooth for the wife.
    We have a deal I fix the washer, she uses the washer.
    This works for both of us.

  20. DIYMarta says:

    It’s almost the same here at home: I fix and my sister lets me do the wash. Oh, wait–that’s not the same at all.

  21. MyTube10396 says:

    Thanks so much for the video, I have the exact same washer. It is just about all the way apart now to replace what needs to be replaced. Your video is a huge help!!

  22. DIYMarta says:

    Good to know the pain was worth it!

  23. David Alexanian says:

    A 13 socket works better to take the pins out of the shocks than a vice-grip. Just push it on to the pointy end. It holds the barbs down and the pin comes out smoothly

  24. DIYMarta says:

    THANK YOU for that repair tip!