How to Remove Shields & Seals From Bearings with David Mills

June 3rd, 2013 by admin

David Mills shows how to remove seals and shields from bearings. Some helpful tools you may need depending on the style of shield or seal: sewing needle, exa…



  1. BocaBearings says:

    we generally suggest using a sealed bearings or at the very least leaving both shields on. the shields or seals help to keep the lubrication in the bearing and the debris out. if you choose to remove on shield then you will have to be diligent about cleaning and re-lubing the bearing. our longboard riders use either the yellow seal ceramic hybrids or the teflon sealed full ceramic bearings. let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. HeadbangingSkater69 says:

    what if the bearing doesnt have the little gap thing T_T mines doesnt >.>

  3. roccoownzu2 says:

    Will they go faster?

  4. BocaBearings says:

    generally speaking a bearing without seals will produce roughly 10% more rpm.

  5. BocaBearings says:

    if you keep the seals/shields on the bearing the it will retain the lubrication much longer and keep particles out of the bearing. this means less maintenance to have a long lasting bearing. but seals/shields and lube are all friction points that will limit the max RPM of the bearing. So some people prefer to remove as many friction points as possible. This will limit the life of the bearing but will achieve a freer and faster spinning bearing. so it really comes down to a matter of preference.

  6. Splivins says:

    Super useful! Thanks for taking the time to film and post!

  7. kmatzen28 says:

    If I have the rubber shields and I open them up will I be able to tell If I need new bearings. Because they sound shattered

  8. BocaBearings says:

    if they sound shattered then they very likely are, but yes you can remove the seal and clean out the grease with brake cleaner and then you will be able to get a good look at the inside.

  9. kmatzen28 says:

    Ok cool thank you so much(: your video really helps me out!!(:

  10. kmatzen28 says:

    About how often should I clean them if I use them about 3 times a week??

  11. BocaBearings says:

    unfortunately every application, environment and set up is different so it is hard to say how often you should clean the bearings. as a general rule of thumb though you can usually hear when the bearings start to get rough. they will sound or feel notchy to the touch, at this point you can typically clean the bearings, relube them and reinstall them.

  12. Roberto Torres says:

    how do you lube non removable bearings???? plz and thank yu!

  13. BocaBearings says:

    well it is really difficult to re-lube the non-removable style enclosures. you can try cleaning the bearing in an ultrasonic cleaner to get rid of the existing dirty lube. then you can apply oil to the outside races and try and work it into the gaps between the shield and the inside race. you can try this with grease too but you will need to force it in. hope that helps.

  14. hippoo7 says:

    Would’ve been helpful if the camera wasnt 7 feet away.

  15. ReivaxThe1st says:

    can u redo the video but with better quality please. i have one of the non removable shields and i want to be able to see exactly how you did it.

  16. SteevyTable says:

    Excellent, now I can thoroughly clean my skate bearings (removable metal shield)

  17. kroaker510 says:

    like if your a skater

  18. nathanhernandez20 says:

    How do you put the second bearing back together

  19. metalsaj1 says:

    Close up camera could have improved this video, however I still found it helpful. Thanks.

  20. EN975X says:

    i have the last type of bearings, i jus wondered once you pierce a hole in the shield and put it back on will that cause any problems? Or will it still have the same performance as before?

  21. BocaBearings says:

    Unfortunately once you pierce the shield you will not be able to put the shield back on. But if you are using this bearing in your engine you can run it without any shields and the fuel will act as a lube for the internal components of the bearing.

  22. Ivan Rosas says:

    What tool was the last one?

  23. Sargeiboy A says:

    I have a 608zz/ABEC5. How do i get shield off, rust out and the bearings cleaned?

  24. bocalarryaubain says:

    If the bearings are rusted they should be replaced. You shouldnt run rusty bearings.

  25. Josh Henderson says:

    Thank u thank u thank u thank u, I knew there was a way to take off pressed in metal shields!!