How to grease & change trailer wheel bearings

June 2nd, 2013 by admin

Graeme Pullen presents a great “How To” episode. Featuring a number of great hints and tips on how to change your trailer wheel bearings. If you like this vi…



  1. Yair ROM says:


  2. Brian K. says:

    Totally Awesome video as always. I changed my bearings on my trailer yesterday and you should have seen the rust in there from the previous owner, yes RUST! (new to me trailer)…needless to say, she’s rolling smooth now and can’t wait to get back on the water =)

  3. TAFishing says:

    Glad it helped Brian!

  4. michael bennett says:

    Good vid just wanted to know why you brought a new hub when the outer bearing can be tapped out with a hammer & drift also all wheels should be done up in a cross pattern to pull the wheel on square just a bit of helpful info for you. Also you should tighten the bearing first then release the nut then adjust your bearing. Sorry concerned ex mechanic c&g

  5. johnnybighit says:

    A flashlight to see inside would help.

  6. KJP71 says:

    Good video! I have this same service coming up too on my old trailer

  7. magicav8r says:

    Really well done! Thanks. Hope you enjoyed that pint!

  8. LastNameIPicked says:

    first time seeing your videos perfect instruction and not boring thanks:)