unboxing element ceramic bearings

June 4th, 2013 by admin

these bearings are sooo awesome! I will do a review on them soon! here is a video explaining how to get them and many more skateboard stuff for free! Thanks …



  1. ELAMINTsk8ENT says:

    how long it took u to save for the bearings

  2. joe grey says:

    probably 1 1/2 months

  3. joe grey says:

    but I recommend you go to toolbars and make it your default search engine and you get alot more points!

  4. ogninja xtank says:

    How did u get them for free

  5. joe grey says:

    just click the annotation in the beginning to watch my video of how you can get them and many more things for free!

  6. ogninja xtank says:

    I no but it not there for me I am  useing my phone