How To Grease Bike Wheel Bearings

May 1st, 2013 by admin



  1. securezone says:

    what’s fucking wrong with those who give “bumbs down”.
    the guy is trying to be helpful. he is doing no fucking harm.
    fuck stupidity. making everyone happy is impossible!

  2. Jethro Tay says:

    Lol random fact

  3. sparticus214 says:

    i reconmend useing w30 10 senthedic or evan better sae w30 senthedic motor oil

  4. Robert Kerr says:

    The critical aspect of ‘how tight’ is left under explained. Getting this wrong could cause significant bearing wear in a very short time.

  5. ReflexiveBeef says:

    I’m off to find me some! HELL YEAH

  6. Iphone3gs40 says:

    can you use WD-40 instead of bike grease?

  7. Iphone3gs40 says:

    ok thanks mate

  8. Andrew Mitchell says:

    what is the difference between bike specific grease and automotive general grease. is it important???

  9. VWman100 says:

    My bike needed grease in the front wheel.
    I open up the wheel for the first time.
    There is absolutely NO grease on the bearings whatsoever.
    So Schwinn, you tell me that the consumer has to go through all this shit because you didn’t do your job correctly?

  10. Teomo5 says:

    wow, that’s a Schwinn, made by a Hungarian factory called Csepel 🙂 nice

  11. Peter Peters says:

    i never grasp how to videos

  12. gagi3654 says:

    wash your hands with soap and water

  13. peter3337 says:


  14. Wayne Edwards says:

    that is a very unloved bike you’ve got there.

  15. Henri Ollik says:

    That’s exactly the same process, except you have to remove the gears first, to have access to the bearings. And for that, you need a socket tool, as it is said in the video, too.

  16. bcballer13 says:

    Can i use any frease or is there special bearing one?

  17. legitimatemind says:

    Didn’t even mention proper preload. Fail.

  18. gigatube24 says:

    What kin of bike grease? What is the name of the grease? Where can u buy it at?

  19. GamersCanGame says:

    You dont need a set of bike grease, Teflon grease warms up to fast and I use some grease i purchased from walmart in the automotive area.

    Little Known Fact: grease is waterproof naturally due to its oily base

    I use a Dry Teflon Chain lube for my chain

  20. Genaro Tabag says:

    Great… Do you want to see a UNIQUE BICYCLE ( 2 chains located left and right side)?
    click Genaro Tabag

  21. weinerwhiner says:

    Thanks! Great video :>

  22. classiclistener01 says:

    Exactly! And…I see all of the other questions I’ve read on here that the poster/owner of this video isn’t answering, either!?!?

    Is that a ‘special’ bike grease; and, how many different size wheel ball bearings are there for bicycles, or, is there only one standard size? From your comment, you seem as though you know about bicycles.

    Thank you! 🙂

  23. ReleaseBrian92 says:

    Any grease is fine

  24. vistigioful says:

    You don’t really have to do this kind of stuff.

  25. Groundskeeper Willie says:

    Tru dat, even though it is probably a widely known fact, but in fact there is waterproof grease which is many times more waterproof than just ordinary wheel bearing grease and lasts way way longer under demanding wet and muddy conditons and in fact has lasted 30 years on my one road bike compared to the failings of average grease I have seen on a lot of other wheels.