Bones Bearing Cleaning

May 15th, 2013 by admin

A short video of how to remove your bearings from your wheels, how to pop the shields off. It will also show you how to clean and re-lubricate them and put t…



  1. BonesBearings says:

    WD-40 is a cleaner not a lubricant. It’s not even a recommended cleaner.

  2. machineguntongue says:

    Is it ok to store the acetone inside the Bones Cleaning Unit for about 3-5 days? I have 6 sets to clean and not all in one location.

    Also, based on fresh acetone (1/4 full as per video), how many sets can each fill handle?Just change when visibly dirty or does it still work if clouded slightly, as such a strong solvent? Not being cheap, just aim to be less wasteful/green.

  3. BonesBearings says:

    yes you can store acetone in the bottle. It is a flourinated plastic so it won’t melt out or vapor out. I just walked over to the work bench and it looks as though there have been quite a few sets through the wash as of late.

  4. kbrkbr4 says:

    i got super reds and they r so smooth so worth it

  5. Kristopher Lopez says:

    What is it that you sprayed on it? Also what liquid did you use to clean it in the container?

  6. Ballistic Bacon says:

    what’s that you sprayed?

  7. BonesBearings says:

    compressed air. please check out bones for a detailed account of how to clean your bearings.

  8. BonesBearings says:

    compressed air and acetone.

  9. Starriol says:

    Do you leave the opened part on top? Shouldn’t it be on the bottom so the dirt fells easily?

  10. lacbur95 says:

    can i use methylated spirits

  11. Joseph Aziz says:

    It’s good to use orange oil to clean your bearings and the lube is just about getting the one that’s thin as possible

  12. bigmoneyjay23 says:


  13. TheBoardingBadgers says:

    Could you just blow the wash off or should you use compressed air

  14. JasonisDomo says:

    my bearing didnt come with double shields, and they’re super reds

  15. CHlNO3 says:

    Just go to your closest pharmacy and buy a freakin bottle of orange citrus cleaner!!

  16. stuckinastairwell says:

    There is no sound?

  17. GreenDayFan295 says:

    Just use wd 40 and lubricant

  18. Adam Marcum says:

    Wd 40 is bad for yoy

  19. Adam Marcum says:

    Your bearings

  20. LongboardBail says:

    WD40 recks the bearing.

  21. Glass Plectra says:

    your skateboard will move slower and slower until eventully it does not move at all

  22. Daniel Krüger Knudsen says:

    Bones Reds… everyone fails at that -.- 😛

  23. beachthisgame says:

    Then your gonna ride really slow,need new bearings,bearings dont come cheap,and your gonna look stupid as fuck

  24. quickshootnow says:

    Help! My Swiss ceramics are rusty on the inside! What can I do? I don’t want to buy any more :'(

  25. David Underwood says:

    What do kind of liquid do u put into the cleaning unit?