Bearings 1 (GCSE Higher Maths)- Tutorial 21

May 16th, 2013 by admin

This video is a tutorial on Bearings. Please make yourself a revision card while watching this and attempt my examples. Straight away then move to my video o…



  1. Jasmin John says:

    Bearings came up in the exam. 3 – 5 easy marks thanks to your video! Unfortunately, I probably failed the vectors questions pahaha! If I got a high B, I’ll be happy. Here’s hoping…

  2. TheStephandeva says:

    thannkkss so much,, u explain it so well lololll 😉

  3. MsSamR7 says:

    Thank u soo much. Ur explanation really helped!

  4. TheDefaultNoobs says:

    Cheers man this tutorial really helped, now i understand bearings like a boss lol 😀

  5. TheQuietPigeon says:

    Thanks! Your video was very helpful!

  6. subeen maden says:

    Thanks loades 😀 your the best person ever 😀

  7. Daniel Vazquez says:

    Simon! I didn’t know you did math! You’re really kno how to find the X factor, don’t you?

  8. MizzYMeow says:

    thank you very much your video is very helpful for me before my mid-term exam 😀

  9. Ishrak Rafi says:

    just a question, our teacher did bearing with mostly without protractor, like he would use corresponding angle theorem, and all that . So i was just wondering whether I would have the accurate answer if i did like you. Thank You anyway

  10. HEGARTYMATHS says:

    If you can use corresponding angle theorem then it is good idea to use it. Alternatively if you measure accurately you should also be fine. Prefer to use corresponding able theorem where you can. Glad ideas help. Mr hegarty

  11. BigSoapsfan says:

    Thanks, this video helps a lot!!! 🙂

  12. xOUTLAWZJRx says:

    Wow. Couldn’t have explained it better! Carry On!

  13. Sean Richter says:


  14. Lanz Torty says:

    can we solve it without the use of protactor?

  15. Ahmed abdul aziz says:

    Thank you very much have an exam next week this helped me a lot.

  16. HAZZ2861998 says:

    do u have a video showing all the angle theorems?

  17. shahramashrat says:

    very useful tutorial mate. i hope u go abit deeper into this topic in ur upcoming vids

  18. Omgwowmuch says:

    Thank you! I have an exam tomorrow and this really helped..

  19. abcden08 says:

    I have an exam tomorrow. I wasn’t very much clear about bearings..this really Thanks 🙂

  20. TheNadz1997 says:

    thank you soo much

  21. Irshaad Nawaz says:

    Hi Hegarty, would you be able to make a video on the Set Theory?

  22. herald menushan says:

    you are just amazing 🙂

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  24. mohammed khalid says:

    wow i finally understood it ….. thanx man