The Impossible Bearings

May 1st, 2013 by admin



  1. zenosxr says:

    What is with all the “what’s the point” comments, obviously it’s to DEMO the technology of 3D printing, there IS no usable purpose…..

  2. Mrmichaelmcginley says:

    can you use it to replace a real bearing (steel bearing)
    And how strong it it.(compair it something)

  3. FloydATC says:

    More specifically, it demonstrates that such a machine can manufacture things that can not be manufactured using conventional technologies. This changes everything.

  4. skaaltel says:


  5. hasa5x9 says:

    Do you reckon the 3D printing could “print” the Impossible Triangle.

  6. andromedarr says:

    Can you do steel items?

  7. team222badbrad says:

    No just ABS plastic.

  8. thazero13 says:

    oh i see balls bearing . . .

  9. woodbr30043 says:

    out of curiosity what would this be used for if anything?

  10. Garretthierisser says:

    rapid prototyping, for presentations and designing/development

  11. sk8rboy1255555 says:

    1. Buy 3d Printer
    2. Print, more 3d Printers
    3. Profit

  12. Jex134 says:

    1. Copy every witty comment you ever see.
    2. Be an unoriginal follower.
    3. ???
    4. Profit.

  13. Jex134 says:

    When there’s that many balls in a ring that large, a single gap isn’t going to affect the function of the bearings.

  14. MogofWar says:

    What would be an application for such a configuration though?

  15. hackinmacine says:

    thats fucking genius lmaoo XD

  16. ddiimmee says:

    can you recycle the plastic bearings and build something else with it

  17. fleshtonegolem says:

    are the support bit that dissolve made out of something else and that’s why they dissolve and not the actual structure? I don’t think that was covered.

  18. GarethHeverin says:

    what material have you used?

  19. Tyler Stookie says:

    My main question is, How did you design these two bearings to be in between each other? If you couldn’t have made the structure without putting two bearings together to scan in the first place, how did you organize the two parts into place? I assume some sort of model software, yes?

  20. yuliya56100 says:

    THE technology for these printers will only get better I assume!! Amazing machine!!

  21. carp1844 says:

    Those bearings are fully functional but useless. Perhaps they should enter politics. All kidding aside, I am totally geeking out over the concept of printing impossible hardware.

  22. Christian Buenos says:

    how stable can you make these Bearings? I am working on a project that needs bearings. Im am thinking of prating them as part of the design.

  23. Planklike says:

    Use the printer to print another printing machine.

  24. elTiburon1971 says:

    Is your “bath” ultrasonic? Incredible creation BTW!