How To Remove And Install Scooter Bearings Part 1 (Hammer)

July 20th, 2013 by admin

Part 1 Of The How To Install Scooter Bearings Series. This Video Will Show You How To Remove Old Bearings And Use A Hammer To Install New Bearings. We Highly…



  1. Juan Quesada says:

    I suggest using a small socket thats about the same width as the inner steel thing of the bearing when taking the second spacer out as its almost impossible to damage the bearing that way. And when putting the bearings in It’s good to put a piece of wood of a few layers of cloth or something over the wheel just to make sure you don’t end up tapping on the plastic piece and breaking the bearing

  2. adamthegreat199 says:

    please do more bmx

  3. AppleZranti says:

    Will it break the bearings?

  4. IAmNowYouBoss says:

    y do u need spacers between Bearings ??

  5. MrScootfree says:

    When u remove them does it damage them

  6. Ghillie forest Airsoft says:

    Thank u