How to clean and repack wheel bearings on a car, trailer + more in under 12 mins for $12

July 18th, 2013 by admin

84400’s channel link.



  1. 84400 says:

    clean car man

  2. ghtowagon says:

    I cleaned it up close to 4 months ago. time flies

  3. 84400 says:

    Well looks good man.  that dust cap sure is shiney

  4. ghtowagon says:

    Its nEW!

  5. stephen e says:

    good job. i took a class at work on lubes and lubricants. the instructor packed a bearing and asked the class if he used enough grease( bearings barely covered) everyone said no. he said he overgreased it. he asked ppl to spin it and the bearings didnt turn. the outer race did but it wss just sliding. modern greases are 500% better than when our dads were repacking bearings. a little goes a long long way.

  6. ghtowagon says:

    Yup, You don;t need that much. I’ve seem some pack the whole cavity in the rotor with grease, thats going nuts. I do like to fill the inner bearing around the wheel seal with grease and grease the outter behind the thrust washer, Alot don’t do that and grease enters that side anyway. Mine spin nice. I ran it around and I don’t seem to have the grease’s oil leaking out like I did with the red grease.