How to Pack / Grease Trailer Wheel Bearings

July 15th, 2013 by admin

How to Pack / Grease Trailer Wheel Bearings.



  1. Jim Thomas says:

    Thanks for so saying. I appreciate your comment !

  2. okrafoot says:

    Good job…give that man a cigar.

  3. Jim Thomas says:

    Yes, you are correct – and I knew that once upon a time… I think my “senior moments” may be exacerbated by being in the “YouTube Video Spotlight” 🙂 I’ have added an annotation to the video so I don;t perpetuate my error in subsequent viewers pronunciations. Thanks for the English lesson / reminder. Best wishes… and thanks for watching.

  4. csrgatorfan says:

    A pair of latex gloves makes that job a whole lot easier to clean up after. I use them when I repack my wheel bearings and it just makes it so easy. i even use them when I change the oil. They work wonders.

  5. Jim Thomas says:

    Good tip !. I’ll  get a pair for the garage. Thanks for the comment !

  6. csrgatorfan says:

    Actually, I get a whole box of them (I’m talking about surgical gloves) . When I’m done I simply peel one glove off and place it in the palm of my other hand. Then I peel THAT glove off inside-out with the other one tucked neatly inside. NO MESS! As long as I don’t tear the gloves my hands need very minimal cleaning afterwards.

  7. cujo970 says:

    You are a very good teacher and very easy to follow and understand.
    Keep up the Great work!!

  8. Jim Thomas says:

    Thank you for the kind words !

  9. pinkfloyd801 says:

    Great video! What do you use to clean the bearings?

  10. Jim Thomas says:

    Thanks Pink,
    I clean the bearings with paper towels. Roll the bearings back and forth on the paper towel and most all the old grease will come off on the towel.

  11. after3boys says:

    Great informative video. I looked at your others and didn’t see one on changing your trailer (electric) brakes. Do you have one?

  12. Mark Taylor says:

    Jim ~~ Being a rookie at this, I watched most all the vids I could find that applied. Yours is without a doubt the most clear & informative. Many thanks for the pointers & instruction. Much appreciated Sir!

  13. Jim Thomas says:

    So far my RV trailer breaks are in good shape… but if/when I work on them, I will post a vid about it.

  14. Jim Thomas says:

    Mark, Thank you for so saying. Best wishes !

  15. tanner winn says:

    Thanks! I just grease my trailer bearing for the 1st time by myself with your tutorial.

  16. Jim Thomas says:

    Tanner, Glad ya got ‘er done. Best wishes !

  17. Evan H says:

    When I was a kid the farmer I worked for had me clean the bearings with solvent to remove all the old grease and any particles that might be hiding in it. Then the bearings would get a soap bath, a real good rinse then blown dry with compressed air. Extreme maybe, but tractor bearings see much harsher environments than a utility/boat trailer.

  18. Jim Thomas says:

    Excellent comment ! I was just using a paper towel and some WD-40… but I like your method better. Thanks for taking the time to post your comment !

  19. jktst says:

    Thanks, great video.

  20. hudsonfalls1 says:

    thanks great video.

  21. bcbp14 says:

    Thanks buddy.

  22. Seth Johnson says:

    This is a very helpful video. I bought a janky jet-ski trailer that has rusty bearings. After referencing your tutorial, I am confident I’ll be able to remove them and replace them with new bearings. Much appreciated!

  23. bettyboop65340 says:

    does the grease have to bewaterproof

  24. Jim Thomas says:

    Only if you are going to be submerging the bearings in water – such as with a boat trailer.

  25. Ameen Bakare says:

    This is a great video Jim. Thanks.