How to: Install Longboard Bearings and Wheels

June 12th, 2013 by admin

This is a video that shows how to install longboard bearings. I am no expert on the job (this is my first time doing it), but it’s a simple task that’s nice …



  1. Dan Josef says:

    haha that makes perfect sense haha. thanks a lot man. I’ll get back to you for future references and questions. other than that, this helped out a lot!

  2. Rees Klintworth says:

    Great to hear it! That’s exactly why I started making YouTube videos.

  3. Bernard T'Kindt says:

    Best wheels for drop throughs?
    slide: mini moster haws black 88a
    downhill: orangatang 4president/balut/durian

  4. Dylan Heller says:

    Thanks man. Mine have been getting dirty. And i didnt know how to put the bearing back in lol. Thanks!

  5. Rees Klintworth says:

    Glad I could help!

  6. Thomas Gim says:


  7. Rees Klintworth says:

    Haha that’s what I’m here for

  8. SURFandSKATE277 says:

    Magic bearings, These frf 717 freerides 74.5 mm, Abec 11 centrax or nersh moneyhax, I use goo gone for my bearings

  9. Julian Martinez says:

    If you have bearing spacers you should be able to tighten the bolt as far as it can go on the axel, that’s the point of spacers, so they’ll reduce friction and play in the bearings.

  10. Rees Klintworth says:

    If you tighten them completely though the nut will squish the spacer up against the bearing and it won’t move, or if it does it won’t move much. It needs to be tight but not as tight as possible.

  11. Julian Martinez says:

    No, if you tighten them all the way down the spacer should only be touching the inner race of the bearing which, in fact will not allow the two inner bearing race’s two move, but the balls and the outer race will still glide, allowing less friction and play, for a more precise roll. If you’re not tightening them all the way down, then there’s no point in having them and you’re using them wrong. If you do tighten them down all the way, and it’s not spinning, then the spacer is to small or short.

  12. Rees Klintworth says:

    Thanks for the info! I’ll have to look into that. When I made this I was new to longboarding, and was relying on information from a local skate shop. I’ll also consider making a follow up video.

  13. Julian Martinez says:

    No probs! Also, not trying to sound like a know it all, but you shouldn’t rely on local boardshop info, the workers are usually inexperienced and are clueless when is comes to longboarding. I would suggest making a silverfishlongboarding com account. People usually know what they’re talking about on there.

  14. Rees Klintworth says:

    Haha fair enough. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

  15. Agustin Flores says:

    this is so efficeient

  16. Rees Klintworth says:

    Glad it helped!

  17. John Swift says:

    Do all longboard bearings fit each longboard

  18. Rees Klintworth says:

    Yeah I did some looking awhile back, and could not find any different sized bearings. It’s all about the wheels, so as long as you have wheels made for a longboard you’ll be good to go.

  19. Marcos Unicornio says:

    Hi, I bought sector 9 abec 7 cosmic series bearings and I can’t tell which edge is the one that goes inside since I put them on, somthing’s making a noice.

  20. Rees Klintworth says:

    Are both edges green?

  21. BEASTCARROLL98 says:

    Bones swiss are the best bearings out there.

  22. Rees Klintworth says:

    That’s what I’ve heard. I have yet to try them though. The Reds work really well and I’m happy with the price.

  23. Den Callahan says:

    longboard and skateboard bearings are the same, so longboard bearing can work for skateboards, (though I don’t recommend doing that)

  24. Marcos Unicornio says:

    Yep, both green edges.

  25. Rees Klintworth says:

    If both are the same color, then it doesn’t matter which edge is inside. Can you describe the noise at all? It could be a lot of things. My board isn’t completely silent, but that doesn’t mean there is a problem with it.