How To Change Wheel Bearings On A Motorcycle ( All Balls Wheel Bearing Kit )

June 11th, 2013 by admin

So it’s time for those pesky wheel bearings… Feel a vibration? Or does your Brake pulse? Or is there slack in the front end? Well, if you answered yes to a…



  1. TheMidnightShot says:

    I love white….  but hate cleaning those rims. They show dirt super easy. I ride five mins and the lip is already showing grey….

  2. TheMidnightShot says:

    lmao!! Yeah, that’s true! I do ride boring sometimes…. Wait. Most times?? lol I want a SuperMoto but looking for a VFR or a BlackBird… Then the moto!!!

  3. TheMidnightShot says:

    Yeah, I need one. But just tight on money and really needed those on. I tried to make sure I only hit the outer lip…. 

  4. SKATE1439 says:

    Haha, have fun man, take your time and make it awesome! 😀

  5. imusbbored76 says:

    When i traveled across the desert thats all i thought about “A nice cold can of coke” lol 😀

  6. RoadcraftNottingham says:

    My pan euro 1100 is notorious for eating front bearings. I can definitely feel the vibrations through the bars especially whilst cornering. 🙂

  7. Jstroman221 says:

    Good answer….

  8. fastestbike08 says:

    poor things, oh and poor you midnight

  9. WildBill1006 says:

    Great video and just in time as well. Guess who needs to change there balls as well. LOL

  10. Zakirion95 says:

    what type of bike is that? all i know is that it is a 1000cc and i assume it is a honda considering the honda sticker by the front wheel 🙂

  11. CrookedKlown says:

    Who says a pot is strictly for the kitchen? :)

  12. masterpatricZeta3 says:

    isn’t it better to use a razor blade or a cutter to remove the seal?instead of a flat screwdricver that can scratch your bike?

  13. wotldthe2006 says:

    That Bike is over 24 year old you dont even seen that many that old around anymore glad to see yours is still around and nice for its age.

  14. lolaalyssia08 says:

    by the look at that bearing the wheel should wobble like hell your luck to be alive tbh

  15. August Peterson says:

    Not with sealed bearings, they’re good to go right into the wheel.

  16. MrBurgandy25 says:

    You sir have a beautiful bike. Thats not even taking into account how old it is. That makes it even more beautiful! you know how to take care of a bike!

  17. 7Neanderthal7 says:

    but have minimal grease

  18. Wheely89King says:

    kool vid man, very helpful!!

  19. masonbass360 says:

    awesome vid man

  20. JBizzzle750 says:

    I think the bearing was shot….Great vid, ride safe.

  21. vidsupercharged1622 says:

    The wheel bearing that you hammered in at 9:30, Would it have gone in easier if you kept it in a freezer for an hour ? Would freezing contract the bearing metal ?

  22. Eugen987654321 says:

    You say you don’t need that socket for anything else now, but in five years (maybe 10) you’ll suddenly get the urge to buy and rebuild a 1950s farm tractor 😛

  23. Martynas Valūnas says:

    Nothing will happen to that socket. Well, unless you bang it all day long 7times a week 😀

  24. Martynas Valūnas says:


  25. Martynas Valūnas says:

    Yeah… I would have put thick grese in between the bearings, this way the oil lubricates BALLS and most importantly keeps dirt and water from getting in!