How to disassemble a ball bearing – full LENGTH

July 26th, 2013 by admin

This video explain you how to disassemble a deep groove ball bearing. We are developer and manufacturer of high precision ball bearings, of overmoulded ball-…



  1. huhulakoid says:


  2. noahmuchnik3300 says:

    Wow this helps a lot. Thanks.

  3. l9a9n9 says:

    So how would a person go about putting them back together?

  4. JESA SpinningSolutions says:

    that’s a good question. We will give you the answer in a new video soon… Stay tuned!

    Greetings from Switzerland

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  6. JESA SpinningSolutions says:

    Hello, we juste publish a new video about how to assemble bearings. Have a look on our channel… And enjoy!

  7. Gary Tomkins says:

    just simply watch this video backwards 🙂

  8. bobrulerofall says:

    what exactly would these bearings be used in? i got here from skate/skateboard bearings, but this is a different size.

  9. bobrulerofall says:

    and why is there so much grease?

  10. JESA SpinningSolutions says:

    Hello bobrulerofall,
    These bearings are overmolded with polymer and could be used in transport chain for the general industry or as roller in automatic sliding doors. Nothing to do in this case with skateboard bearings, but the way to dissassemble a bearing is the same.

    And about the grease, the quantity is generally about 30% of the free volume inside the bearing. That’s more or less standard but it can change depending of the application. Bearings could also be oiled.

  11. bobrulerofall says:

    alright, i was thinking for some kind of machinery. and yeah, theyre basically the same they do the same job.
    ok, its just that skateboarders generally use oil, and it doesnt build up on the crown like that.

  12. stevens37y says:

    When I was a kid I did it without gloves.

  13. isaacgeorge007 says:

    pls can you teach me how to get the exact number of a bearing by measuring it? i mean all type of bearings

  14. JESA SpinningSolutions says:

    Hello isaacgeorge007, if you are talking about the bearing’s designation system, I can give you a link on wikipedia where it’s very well explained! You can find the link on the video description above.

    Regards from Switzerland

    JESA spinning solutions

  15. isaacgeorge007 says:

    thanks so much for ur kindness n concern. but pls wuld u mind sendin the links to my inbox. i cant see it as u av directed. thanx

  16. JESA SpinningSolutions says:

    I don’t have ur adress yet… You can just push the “more” button just under the video description on the top of this page. And the link is at the end of the description.


  17. khanh tran says:

    Ok now what?

  18. 1977JohnBoy says:

    I just took apart the cheap 608z surprised the quality was much higher than all the expensive brands, only problem is be near impossible getting them back together again lol but every part is metal and be good to make jewellery out of it

  19. احمد الماجد says:

    thank yuo

  20. Enzo Vegas says:

    whats the matter of doing this ?

  21. Robert Vandor says:

    i was working in a bearings factory long time ago. i know a lot of tricks with bearings. i think this bearing from video is for transmision

  22. Parag Flume says:

    that was nice …