How to: Clean Skateboard Bearings

July 25th, 2013 by admin

Website: Twitter: Just a quick video teaching you how to look after your skateboard bearings! the main culprit of…



  1. KidMTV Noe says:


  2. Henry Stone says:

    thank you

  3. sIu LuN says:

    Can I use water??

  4. sirhuggles says:


  5. John Parris says:

    is it true you can use lubricant instead?

  6. 92332911 says:


  7. KILLERZOMBIE154 says:

    or you could just buy new bearing

  8. KaJongoh says:

    And the wheels ? kkk if possible

  9. AFFlying says:

    no lubing?

  10. Matthew Diaz says:


  11. Tom van Lieshout says:

    Lol, at the speed-up part it’s like you’re speaking Japanese or Vietnamese or somethin.

  12. Tom van Lieshout says:

    Eventually, when buying proper bearings (bones reds), that’ll cost you quite a bit of money.

  13. Aaron Munro says:

    Why on earth would you buy new bearings every time your bearings need a clean?

  14. Osmar Garcia says:

    If i have reds i remove the red shield or not?

  15. Dani StyPayHorLikSon says:

    does bleach work? or could you just scrub the dirt out with soap and a sponge??

  16. Minh Nguyen says:

    do i have to clean my bearings every month ?

  17. Toby Freeman says:

    no bro!
    just whenever you feel the performance decreasing.
    most of the time you’ll notice a very light grinding.

  18. Toby Freeman says:

    because it doesn’t get the grimey shit off.
    you need to use alcohol or high spirits to clean it properly.
    make sure you have a good lube too.
    i suggest bones speed cream :]

  19. Caio Lagreca says:

    can i use oil to lubrificate?

  20. George Acres says:

    how often should i clean and lubricate my bearings?

  21. marc theking says:

    Hi where did you buy the turning thing to get rid of the wheels, cause one of my wheels is loose and I can’t seem to find a repair kit.