How to change your headset bearings

July 13th, 2013 by admin

Replacing your headset bearings can be a quick and relatively easy job, if you follow the steps shown in part 5 of Unior Tools’ indispensable road maintenanc…



  1. TheRealEmskiHelp says:

    Bearings MUST be placed with a sort of lube. Do NOT use wd40 e.t.c

  2. polyrider81 says:

    You just saved my £40 Sir, Thank you a lot!!!

  3. EuroDollaProductions says:

    same here, I have rode the same mtb for 5years, and bearings still running fine :s

  4. KYAORampage says:

    how do you take the bearings off? please message me back.

  5. John Lorimer says:

    nope.. so long as they all go back on, the order is irrelevant.

  6. John Lorimer says:

    good video.. ta

  7. monkeh88 says:

    does haro xeon have bearings too?

  8. deskitz7 says:

    Any chance this point can be expanded upon? Someone that hasn’t done this before would need more detail.

  9. TheRealEmskiHelp says:

    WD40 attracts dirt e.t.c which will cause your bearings to clog up. It’s not really a “lube” .

  10. TheRealEmskiHelp says:

    It’s a degreaser and is also used to prevent rusting.

  11. Don King says:

    Great video, really helpful but I’ve run in to a problem – I’ve removed the bearings from my headset but they don’t look like the type on this bike. There’s an exposed ring of ball bearings and no part number anywhere…how can I tell what sort of replacement bearings I’ll need?

  12. alotan2acs says:

    Really really good thanks!

  13. j4cko56 says:

    If the forks don’t easily come out, is there something I’ve missed or should i just give it a good old tug?

  14. Archergod says:

    I checked my bike the headset doesn’t have bearings it’s just 2 bushings in the headset. And my bike is not a cheap one how can I get a set of bearings that fits?

  15. rainbowsalads says:

    no grease?

  16. magna59 says:

    Who put the mood music on this …… it’s suck a rack off ……. intro and exit music may be, and may be a little in fill as you fly over the parts ….. we are attempting to glean info … not wanting to tap our feet .

  17. twinkieangel says:

    how much does lube cost?

  18. Matthew McCarthy says:

    a good old tug my friend. Im just doing mine and i was like “what the fuck is going on here?” gave it a few light taps with a hammer in the stand then a good tug

  19. e4g1e1 says:

    “lube” is a loose term; WD-40 is lubricant. I believe what is required is a higher viscosity and non-evaporating lubricant like grease or oil.

  20. bikeradar says:

    Grease. Never use GT85/ WD-40 type sprays on bearings.

  21. iiiiiiiiiiooooooouuu says:

    if only it was as easy.

  22. SkyEurope1988 says:

    What specific type of grease would you recommend that we can buy in the shops or order from the web? Would you recommend the Motorex Bike Grease 2000 or are there any other car specific Calcium based greases that are also good for our goal?

  23. jurwat says:

    I used k y jelly

  24. PatrickM2638 says:

    ive owned my bike for just 4 months have 1000km on it and the bearings are already gone!!

  25. Ricardo Russo says:

    my fork won’t drop out, i’ve followed all the steps and it’s still stuck. what do i do?