How to change rotors and pack wheel bearings on ford truck

June 19th, 2013 by admin

In this video I remove and replace the brake pads and rotors on an e-150 Ford van. This will be a very common repair with all light-duty Ford trucks. I also …



  1. Germain Gonzalez says:

    awesome video. very helpful. i love it when people show how to do things properly

  2. 95z28410 says:

    Thank you.

  3. Flyboytr says:

    Excellent video.  Thanks.

  4. mariusz77us says:

    Thanks to your video i can do my rotors on a 1997 ford e-150 i actually called ford and asked them how tight should the rotors be tighten they said between 22-27 inch pounds if any one wants to know.
    Once again thanks for a great video.

  5. Diamonddave182 says:

    Great narration with adequate detail.  Thanks again.

  6. famasmaster2000 says:

    Awesome vid…..very informative. I’m going to be trying it on my own beast this weekend, wish me luck ! 🙂

  7. 125AXer says:

    Thanks for posting this, I’m used to GM products, and just bought a mid-90’s E150. Curious though, why not replace the bearings, since the inner races are new? Also, I’ve always used a brake-specific grease for the pad mounts, and also apply some to the caliper piston where it meets the pad, seems to eliminate squeal.


    nice info

  9. Gabzor says:

    thanks now i can do brakes on the van too!

  10. howardthecpa says:

    Nice video, thanks for sharing. Is there anything I can do myself to evaluate the possible need to have the rotors cut vs replaced? I have a 2007 f150 2wd with shudder that’s felt when braking and visible in the steering wheel. Many thanks.

  11. Oscar R says:

    Excellent video. there are lots on youtube but this is by far the best for this job.

  12. Gabzor says:

    just did the wheel bearings, pads, rotors and did all the little rubber things like you said to!
    thank you so much, your vid rocked!

  13. Hoangsa Truongsa says:

    95z28410,are you a teacher? because this is an excellent video.Thanks.