How assemble ball bearings

June 18th, 2013 by admin

This video explain you how to assemble a deep groove ball bearing. This video was made in order to answer to some questions we have during factory tours and …



  1. Patrick Garcia says:

    Very nice! Congrats!
    But… When you have balls that will fill more that 180°?? How we should do?

  2. JESA SpinningSolutions says:

    Hello @trickgarcia,

    Thank you for your comment… Well, there is several techniques to put the inner ring in place when balls fill more that 180°. The easier way is to deform the outer ring with a vise until you can move the inner ring in place. But pay attention to stay in the elastic domain of the ring. If you deform the ring too much you’ll risk to break the ring because of its hardness.

    Greets from Switzerland

  3. alexito8589 says:

    i have tried this 62 times and my balls keep disorganicing

  4. JESA SpinningSolutions says:

    Not easy for sure! But you can also try to keep the bearing’s side on the table in order to close one side of the bearing and try to maintain the balls in place with your finger…

    Good luck !

  5. TheAllimania says:

    all germans are nazis!!

  6. JuliusHT says:

    Magnetizing a bearing isn’t the best idea because the metal particles that accumulate from normal use will stick to the balls and accelerate wear. This can be solved by running an AC current through the bearing, but I think most people won’t bother with that : )

  7. TheTutorialHubHD says:

    Uhm, why not just put on the rubber sealing, tilt it to the site, put in the bearing balls, take the inner ring, put it in from the top and press it down, take the cage, and then boom.. Assembled.. Btw, it looks better with only the cage..

  8. Lukman Aris says:

    Not very sophisticatedly presented, but it gives useful information

  9. wendyhangrom says: