Bearings – How it’s made?

May 1st, 2013 by admin



  1. rockypyro1490 says:

    do you want a guy talking about balls?

  2. matsudaa says:

    she does like “balls” said it 21 times!

  3. domokid says:

    SO TRUE, Finally someone else who agrees!

  4. usernamegta4 says:

    she sounds like shemale. what does bearings used for 

  5. ChrisHaslamBCBeast says:

    skate wheels and car parts and factory machines

  6. ChrisHaslamBCBeast says:

    are those reds?? haha

  7. BooyaaPwned says:

    Ball Count anybody?

  8. andyrockevo says:

    NTN Bearings are the best

  9. Sourgass says:

    If he was the shit why you want him back? HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Never mind dont have to overreact

  10. jimmmyange says:

    3:17 hello sling-shot ammunition 

  11. Jut Shanahan says:

    she can’t stop talking about balls

  12. WayWardScooters says:

    she says balls 21 times:D

  13. MrWillPan says:


  14. 22zson says:


  15. RoseBudpony1 says:

    what the heck are bearings?? i heard the word in the movie: legend of the guardians Owls of Ga-hool and the little owl go’s, ”i cant find my bearings” so i’m lost about what she means.. or what bearings are used for. :/

  16. michael robison says:

    quit grinding my balls!

  17. robotwarsaintdead says:


  18. unsanity23 says:

    i thought i was listening to a guy at first

  19. BigTeryaki says:

    The first set of bearings, I swear are longboard bearings…

  20. gaypotter says:

    the balls go through a furnace to harden….. teehee

  21. Sumrack9 says:

    *Turning on tv*

    *Flips to discovery channel*

    “How it’s made…!”

    Me: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  22. tribulation138 says:

    the woman was the original voice. now its the guy

  23. aznofwar says:

    its what bears do with their balls

  24. RoseBudpony1 says:

    shut up i’m not joking, you think your being funny, thats pretty stupid.

  25. capcomfan20 says:

    Its what makes a wheel spin in many things such as skateboard wheels.