ABEC, Swiss, Ceramic, Skateboard & Longboard Bearings

May 1st, 2013 by admin



  1. Ken Pierre says:

    what bearings would you recommend for speed and durability?? like for long-last push?

  2. R Garza says:

    Great video, I learned a lot. I’m still a little confused (and maybe dumb). Speaking in general, is a high or low tolerance going to create less friction and be preferred? I would think a smaller tolerance measured would be better. And does a smaller tolerance translate into a smaller abec rating? Sorry if I’m being redundant.

  3. 9Jdilla says:

    Nice haircut thing tripped me out

  4. StubbaH says:

    if you’ve ever skateboarded, you’ve propably tried out several different bearings. By my experiences Reds have lasted the longest.

  5. instinctscooter says:

    no they are bad, people have broken them in days/weeks, ive had them. they are just about the most overrated bearing i have come accros

  6. skateboardtech says:

    Glad u r interested in making sure u understand. Tolerance is the allowable space between the balls and the races. There has to be tolerances or the parts touch and don’t move. Watch again to see about loose tolerances and loads and friction. Tighter/smaller tolerances are given higher ABEC ratings, which is better. BUT, remember there are lots of other factors that make a bearing better than another. So, ABEC ratings should never be used to determine how well a bearing will work.

  7. theaxedude1 says:

    What are some examples of good American steel bearings?

  8. skateboardtech says:

    We recommend Oust.

  9. vincent janse says:

    I ride them now but just because everyone said they are great and i never tried anything else which ones would be better than could you give an example?

  10. deroapples says:

    Question its pretty much “fact” that bones reds are supposed to be the best right, its pretty much just something that everyone knows but i noticed my zoo sevens were performing a lot better then i excepted so i got brand news bones reds and brand new zoo yorks with plan b 75 mm wheels Also new and tested them to my surprise the zoos performed alto better i would be interested in seeing why/some tests into this?


  11. douglasman100 says:

    Your videos are awesome. You explain everything from an engineers standpoint, which I like very much since it gives me more confidence in the info you give. Keep it up!

  12. theaxedude1 says:

    OK. Whats the difference in the models of oust?

  13. skateboardtech says:

    Both Moc 5’s are the same bearing, but have different closures (seals/shields). The Street bearings have pressed in non-removable metal shields, and the Tech bearings have removable rubber seals. The difference in MOC is the difference in tolerance, and if I am correct, surface polishing. These differences result in speed and better load handling.

  14. mctotin bechillin says:

    so what would you recommend oust moc 7 or bones super swiss?

  15. skateboardtech says:

    Well after watching this video I would hope you wouldn’t buy Swiss. We recommend Oust.

  16. sam lavoie says:

    As a mechanical engineer student, your hardness test wasn’t really a harness test. You only tested tensile strenght, wich is the property of the material to elongate. In fact, the more a material is hard, the faster it will break. They are not selling ceramics bearing so pricey for nothing

  17. hi yall says:

    never by metal shielded bearings if you live near sand they screw them up and they make the loudest winning noise then you hop on the board and only when your on the board if you hop off ever thing goings silent ( can you plz explain why this happens to my my red bones rubber seals dont do that )

  18. hi yall says:

    but i just rinsed them out and they spin faster them by red bones i will new if they still scream at me tomorrow

  19. Kelli Tran says:

    Ceramic or steel ball bearings?

  20. skateboardtech says:

    Did you watch the video? Go with steel. Ceramic has no place in skateboarding, (in our opinion).

  21. skateboardtech says:

    It can happen with Bones bearings too. It has nothing to do with metal shields. What metal shield bearings do you have? In some rare cases it could be the shield, but it can happen with bad rubber seals too.

  22. matthew johnson says:

    What is your favorite brand of bearings?

  23. santi tapia says:

    what about for longboarding bone red or ceramic

  24. skateboardtech says:


  25. skateboardtech says:

    We don’t recommend ceramic bearings.