Tesla Turbine With Magnetic Bearings II

June 16th, 2013 by admin

Another little Tesla Turbine using magnetic bearings and driving a genrator off the floating shaft.



  1. labidus74 says:

    good job, look fantastic!

  2. Seal6Sniper says:

    Did you make the belt pulley wheel for the DC motor yourself? I’ve had a heck of a time finding sources that sell them. Everyone offers the motors but not the pullys or gear heads or even the belts for them. Any info much appreciated. Nice work!

  3. PlasmaStar9 says:

    Thanks. The belts came from a dual cassette player. I made the pulley out of 1/2″ thick clear polycarbonate.

  4. Seal6Sniper says:

    Thanks for the info. What are you using to cut the perfect circle wheel? Do you use a router bit to make the belt groove?

  5. PlasmaStar9 says:

    Circle was made with a hole saw, then turned on a lathe

  6. villagefem says:

    Wow. how much..?? smiles…

  7. SantinoDeluxe says:

    rpm was still climbing… what psi is that air? and is that even enough info… what volume of air per time unit is the compressor putting out?
    ive been trying to put numbers together for a project i want to start. steam tesla turbine driven by either a solar collector or wood fire, generator side is a big question mark atm. possibly a ceiling fan motor or something. any suggestions? id love to make 800watts AC if possible. ive never done anything like this before. all help is welcome.

  8. PlasmaStar9 says:

    The hose pressure was set at 50psi but drops to around 35 with the valve open. The air tank is 3 gallons and it powers the turbine for about 30 seconds with the compressor off. The 9 holes in the nozzle are only .003″ diameter each so it’s pretty resrticted. Maybe a junk yard or Ebay used car alternator for your generator –AC ouput if you jumper past the diodes. . Don’t think a ceiling fan will work for several reasons.

  9. Vincent Alexander says:

    Wow you get mad props! Clean design! You ready to make some $?

  10. Shannon Long says:

    This may sound weird but I have been having dreams about this kind of stuff, and I have made a set of designs from those dreams, I was wondering if you would look at them and help me make a model. my email [email protected]

  11. ufoengines says:

    Very Cool!

  12. evildrome says:

    Very nice work.

  13. TommyMacDaddy1 says:

    If you need small pulleys and belts search WM Berg
    No I don’t have any monetary stake; Just trying t help. I know how difficult it ca be to source these things…