simatool – Ball Bearing Puller BP 61

June 7th, 2013 by admin

To remove grooved ball bearings efficiently from shafts and cases without dismounting the bearing. This ideal tool assortment is suitable for bearing sizes f…



  1. luvzcookies says:

    works great in a perfect world

  2. skateryork1 says:

    i broke 2 of these pulling a wheel bearing. the bearing youre taking out is obviously trash so just hammer it out and save yourself the money and then use a long fat bolt and large thick washers to tighten the new one back in.

  3. brad will says:

    skf has these to butt that bearing came off to ez lol

  4. Gizas Darius says:

    great tune! this music rocks!!!!!!!

  5. Pankaj Jagtap says:

  6. telosfd says:

    The same thing with out the inside part of the bearing how can i remove it?

  7. Yuriy Mitin says:

    Где купить в Украине?

  8. Alex Sancoff says:

    Yea that’s on a nice clean new part try it on a car up in New England

  9. Nathan Myers says:

    and you just killed the outer race. I hope you replaced that bearing with a new one because the old one is trash.

  10. simatecSwitzerland says:

    @117nathanmyers: Yes, that is right. However, when you take out a bearing in most of the cases, because it is already damaged.

  11. simatecSwitzerland says:

    @shieldcracker: Yes, you are right. However, do you know our Seal Puller SP 50? You find also a movie on youtube.

  12. simatecSwitzerland says:

    @wilsonelmalo: Of course. Contact simatec inc. in Charlotte USA.

  13. simatecSwitzerland says:

    @deepsudeep: By simatec inc. in Charlotte, USA.

  14. simatecSwitzerland says:

    @telosfd: Good question. The solution is our Maintenance Kit MK 10-30. You find also a movie on youtube about this tool.

  15. Nathan Myers says:

    very true but I have had to remove perfectly good bearings before to work on stuff behind them. but yes most of the time you are just replacing them.

  16. feiyu2008 says:

    Is it around $755 each?
    It is very expensive if it is true.

  17. Oliver Heasley says:

    Could this tool pull a bearing that is really seized? The ones in the video looked staged

  18. canaryskies says:

    This looks plenty fake…

  19. Hondapiloot says:

    And how do you remove closed bearings ?

  20. Frank dickman says:

    completely fake vedio, look at the while he is extracting out it has a play in it. it was already loose.

  21. s.chandru Subramani says:

    What is the price , i feel to buy it please call me @ 9941917340 …

  22. jrake louise says:

    i got a better way

  23. wwpi33 says:

  24. Lim Ban Pit says:

    nice tool