Replacing tapered roller Barings — Volkswagen Wheel bearings A3 platform

June 28th, 2013 by admin

In this demonstration I go over the steps I use while replacing rear tapered wheel bearings on a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta TDI using basic tools.



  1. Bill Longland says:

    at 19:29 the video jumps to you putting on the dust cap after tweaking the edge, did you fill the dust cap with grease before putting it on?

  2. Rene ArenasFlores says:

    Nice tip with the thrust washer movement .. does this apply to most styles like this ..

  3. Dohn Joe says:

    Good job, except you forgot to pack grease cap with grease before putting it back, like the book says.

  4. stuzman52 says:

    Nice job Will!

  5. RZGOBLIN says:

    Good one Will

  6. robinsonsauto says:

    Thank you, its packed, just noticed i messed up when editing, i have the footage however i would hate to pull the video to re-edit, times like this i wish YouTube had a decent editor that allowed simple fixes when live

  7. robinsonsauto says:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, screwed up while editing, i have the footage, somehow skipped while editing.. damn i even reviewed it a couple time before uploading, would hate to pull the video to re-edit, i will add a speech bubble, that’s about the best i could do with a live video, thanks again

  8. Dohn Joe says:

    YouTube allows you to annotate your uploaded video.

  9. robinsonsauto says:

    I added a Text note, do you know if there is a way to actually edit/add the skipped footage? if so send me a PM i have tried in the past however i loose all view counts and comments, if that’s still the case i would rather re-edit with CS5 and re-upload when i screw up real bad, the text note should be fine in this case if that’s my best option, thanks for the feedback

  10. robinsonsauto says:

    Thank you, by the way the bike is looking good man, getting closer

  11. robinsonsauto says:

    Thank you for the compliment

  12. robinsonsauto says:

    yup that’s how Vw sets them by the book,

  13. Dohn Joe says:

    AFAIK YouTube has not a full featured video online editor, that would involve huge transfer data and possibility of losing all when Internet line transfer has a glitch. For now they only allow superimposing text and photos, which for this video is more than enough. You did great Will. You excel in quality control and attention to details. The AX15 overhaul and the Volvo 2.4L head swap are top jobs. I wish you show more European car repairs.

  14. leemrfxt says:

    Will: That was a text book job .. any customer has to be happy with that !! I bet your vids are watched by some of them and they gotta know there getting quality work by a great mechanic ..

  15. robinsonsauto says:

    Man, thank you for all the info, the compliments and feedback are greatly appreciated, i am pretty proud of those jobs as well, they were two of my most Challenging ones to film, on occasion i get other European cars in for service i will keep that in mind, thanks again

  16. robinsonsauto says:

    Thanks for the compliment i appreciate it, 🙂 i do have a few that watch, at first i thought man i am going to loose some work showing them how its done, seems to be just the opposite, i have a few people that i know can do the job however they would rather me do it for them, gained more trust through the videos i believe, sometimes they seem let down when i don’t film it lol, thanks again for the kind words

  17. hp11208 says:

    Good stuff

  18. leemrfxt says:

    Yup , I think that you build trust with customers with the vids .. and you put out some fine ones.. Thanks!

  19. webbo58 says:

    sweet video

  20. spelunkerd says:

    You don’t see many of these old style wheel bearings any more, even in trailers. Your demo of this classical technique is the best I’ve seen.

  21. raimondszunda says:

    I’m learning at school to be mechanic, and I really didn’t know about bearing packing thing, Thanks!

  22. nleonard86 says:

    Nice to see this done without any fancy tools. Thanks!

  23. Rhage73 says:

    Nice video, very good information. Big ol Hairy Thumbs up.

  24. Momtaz shakhshir says:

    i just new what went wrong when i did it , thank you so much

  25. bestmastermind951 says:

    lol i havent heard the term dikes in a long time