Removing Cam Bearings

May 19th, 2013 by admin

After talking to Comp Cams Tech Support and measuring the cam journals, it appears that the cam bearings are suspect. New bearings are here and old bearings …



  1. Jason Murphy says:

    I have the same tool. I feel for you, what a pain. I have read some builders use a cam core they had made with a cut taken out of bearing surface to actually cut the bearings down a little so the cam will fit.

  2. Jason Murphy says:

    what cam are you running? are those 6X-8’s? I have a very similar build I did on the cheap back in 2005. I went with a summit 2802 and love it.

  3. AlchemistLair says:

    The only thing I don’t like about this tool is once you hammer the bearings in, pulling out the mandrel can scratch the bearing surface since you can’t make it smaller like other tools. Have you had any issues?

  4. AlchemistLair says:

    This is a Comp Cams #51-222-4 with 6X-8 101cc heads. Not a very cheap build so far.

  5. Jason Murphy says:

    I’ve only done one build and I don’t remember, maybe put a very thin layer of assembly lube on the mandrel surface so it can slid in and out easier. make sure not to get any on the outside of the bearing though.

  6. Jason Murphy says:

    going to be a stump puller just like mine. DD2000 shows peak torque at around 2500 rpm, Peak hp around 4000, and falling off around 4800 rpm. I bet you could have gone a step bigger on the cam, but nothing wrong with going a little smaller on a street engine. 328hp/478 torque

    Mine was only cheap because I skipped and cut corners, in the end mine was 2500-3000. Any real build like yours will cost around 5000+.

  7. 265chevy says:

    cool video i agree with you wrong bearing should go full speed ahead on the build later

  8. AlchemistLair says:

    Still have some issues to take care of on the heads and carbs but I want to at least get the short block built anyway!

  9. AlchemistLair says:

    Thanks, How’s Manyrd doin’ anyway!!

  10. AlchemistLair says:

    Thanks man!!

  11. stonefurball1 says:


  12. Smokeasammie says:

    Time to get the persuader out.

  13. RobsPackanShine says:

    good thing you didn’t have them but the cam in then.

  14. AlchemistLair says:

    There coming out the easy way or the hard way! lol !!!

  15. AlchemistLair says:

    Thanks dude!

  16. Smokeasammie says:

    Are Pontiac motors like small block chevys where the cam bearing are hole specific?

  17. AlchemistLair says:

    No, all cam bearings are identical and can be installed in any order.

  18. VWBus ache says:

    Good job

  19. stovebolt50 says:

    Although the situation stinks…this vid helps demo out some side bar stuff folks trying for first time know to watch for and also can be thankful for if they don’t encounter it. Pretty hinky on the bearing lube bit…almost like they needed to use that to get em in there??…it should have been dry.

  20. AlchemistLair says:

    I agree! I know I’m not telling a master mechanic anything he doesn’t know, but when I’m making these videos I always think about that guy or gal that’s trying to do something for the first time and looking for info. Thanks for tuning in!!

  21. wtbm123 says:

    Lookin like it has to be the bearings, careful not to scratch your mandrel. I install dry.

  22. AlchemistLair says:

    Yeah that was a big fear hammering those bearings out. I looks good but I’ll double check it before I put in the bearings.

  23. AlchemistLair says:

    They might have caught it if they had put the cam in to test fit but i didn’t buy the cam till later. Lesson learned!! They just banged some bearings into the block and sent it off!!

  24. jevchance says:

    Thats a little scary hammering that mandrel in there like that. Hope the bearings didn’t mar up your journals.