Joey Brezinski Andale Bearings

May 21st, 2013 by admin

This is our very first commercial featuring Joey Brezinski.…



  1. jetwork131 says:

    please! what was the comment

  2. 1kidfromschool says:

    Andale’s logo is so sick too haha

  3. tranman6190 says:

    where can i buy those shoes and bearings?

  4. Gerrard Sandoval says:

    speddy gonzales SPEED e.e (Mexican Power)

  5. NmGfabe says:

    This has definately got to be my favourite skateboarding commercial… liked, favourited, commented and subscribed! – P.s, if I buy these bearings will I skate like Joey Brezinski? Haha.

  6. SK8PATOSK8 says:

    Song: Anita tijoux – 1977


  7. Twiggy Skripten says:

    whos better to have on a bearing company then joey? he barely pushes, just mannies everywhere!!!

  8. Jacob Slack says:

    Joey what pumas do you skate?

  9. olegario rodriguez says:

    Great , more fuckn manuals , do some stairs some times , something that’s not fuckn manuals

  10. Brian Murphy says:

    awful song

  11. Gabe Rosa says:

    are you his sponsor or something? lol

  12. Gerrard Sandoval says:

    Chile??? She was born in the france

  13. millenbachskater1 says:

    Dont be a homo. Manuals are hard as fuck. Stairs are overrated and easy.

  14. peasandrice4 says:

    Joey you’re a beast.

  15. Callum Tamayo says:

    How many pairs of pumas do you have??

  16. Andreas Kuse says:

    What is the Name of that Song?

  17. MIKEK3NT says:

    He has Audi as a sponsor…

  18. david torres bouhlal says:

    what is the name of that song???

  19. tavyy1990 says:

    Ana Tijoux – 1977

  20. NmGfabe says:

    Man, this is such a sick video!!

  21. mehDaft says:

    So tech! Joey, you convinced me ;) Andale will be next next bearings

  22. Josh G says:

    best manny skater 

  23. alexpss13 says:

    I love skating manuals