How-to Lube Sealed Bearings

June 23rd, 2013 by admin

Oil past the seals. No need to replace if you catch they before they get to dry. This is how to re-lube sealed bearings by pulling a vacuum on them. I also i…



  1. daewooparts says:

    i like doing the opposite and like destroying bearings,especially when they are spinning at high speed by either fire,acid ,grit or a good whack,like when they jam up against the race or explode and pop out all over , this is a cool video ,might use this to keep some hard to get OEM bearings

  2. MASTERNCS says:

    Great video, I have seen this done before with my auto shop teacher many years ago back in school. The only fault I can see is the you are packing oil instead of bearing grease which has way different viscosity property than oil. Once the bearing is presented with load and force I can already tell you that you are going to see it fail.

  3. acme663ryo says:

    I have a second video where I heat the grease and do the same thing to force it into a shielded bearing but even hot you are not going to get grease past a seal. The thick oil I use sort of combines with the dried grease left in the bearing to form a paste. In the jeep world we would call it knuckle pudding. You are absolutely right about it not being as good as grease, but it is better than nothing and often more than adequate for electric motor bearings. They used to use simple oil anyway.

  4. HDXFH says:

    I have some neglected wheel bearings that need re greasing,They have Extremely sharp edges from wear over the years!

  5. mytmousemalibu says:

    in alomost all rubber type seealed bearings, i will pick the seal out and clean/rinse/grease them by hand. the trick is digging the seal out. i usually poke into the seal face (center area that dosnt matter) with a sharp needle or pick. I can usually get an edge up to get another needle underneath to peel it out, works like magic! Even done a few shielded bearings but had a bit of shield mending to do!

  6. acme663ryo says:

    Nice work! The title should read ‘Shield Bearings” my trick isn’t going to work with sealed bearings, you will never get the grease past the seals. Light oil maybe but not grease.

  7. C0Y0TE5 says:

    Good informative video and discussion here!

  8. cubiq1 says:

    Great video, thanks

  9. bbrussell79 says:

    You have a black belt bearings.