How to Clean Motorcycle Wheel Bearings

July 11th, 2013 by admin

This is a basic video on how to clean and lube a motorcycle hub and wheel bearings. I am not a trained mechanic, but this method has worked for me for years….



  1. Nick Oliver says:

    Surprisingly professional tutorial. Kudos to you! 

  2. carnbroeskaters says:

    Can u do more videos on the best way to wash u engine i.e take it out by parts n wash or leave it in x

  3. Javoni Reyes says:

    Wat other bikes do u have

  4. 4Him4u2 says:

    This wheel is from an ’07 Scorpa SY250 which is a French made, Yamaha powered, trials bike. I also own an ’05 YZ250 and an ’06 WR250F. As you can see I bleed blue.

  5. Wayne Weeks says:

    best bearing video on youtube ..thanks a lot

  6. Daniel Gee says:

    nice video bud!

  7. Brad Lindsey says:

    Thx dude!

  8. UncleSarkis says:

    Does carb cleaner work instead of break cleaner?

  9. 4Him4u2 says:

    Carb cleaner might work better than Brake cleaner. The most important thing to note is if the cleaner is safe for rubber. Because, some solvents will attack and degrade the rubber seals. Read the label carefully for material compatibility before using any product on your bearings and seals.

  10. addison geiger says:

    Do you know a good way of removing rusted out bearings from a hub? Just bought a bike and the bearings are all rusted into the hub itself

  11. 4Him4u2 says:

    Soak the bearing/hub over night in solvent. Lightly tap hub/bearing with metal tool handle for solvent penetration. Wipe off the excess solvent. Place hub in your freezer overnight. Take the hub out and carefully use a torch (fueled flame) and evenly heat the hub around the bearing – not too much. Using a dull Flat-Blade Screwdriver, and a Sledge-Hammer, hammer the bearing out from the opposite side, evenly, being careful not to scratch the hub surface. Also, search Park Tool bearing romoval.

  12. atsstockburn says:

    I still don’t know why people are cheap on 10 dollar bearings per set.  Just get a slap hammer bearing remover, pull the bearings, seat new “sealed” bearings, done deal.

  13. 4Him4u2 says:

    I had to replace these bearings after all. I think they were $120 through an industrial supplier - French made motorcycle.

  14. atsstockburn says:

    Wow. That hurts. Amazing what they can get for bearings overseas. Bummer, least you are in good shape now.