How to Change a Wheel Bearing (long and detailed version)

July 8th, 2013 by admin

This video shows how to change a pressed bearing in a Ford, specifically a 95 Ford Windstar, but this method will be similar for all pressed bearing vehicles…



  1. PaintballOO7 says:

    You dont have to change the hub if it is in good shape but most bearing kits come with it. And you do not need a spring compressor tool. The spring is held onto the strut with a plate on the bottom. The spring never gets touched.

  2. PaintballOO7 says:

    The bearing press piece that fits into the bearing doesnt need to fit snug. The most important thing is that the outside and inside metal of the bearing gets pressed. If you just press the inside lip of the bearing, it will break the bearing and make it even harder to come off (ask me how I know that lol).

  3. ivo dupal says:

    Great video, many thanks guys!

  4. PaintballOO7 says:

    Glad you liked it! Thanks for the comment!

  5. Mitch Dolenic says:

    I have a 05′ Ford Explorer and need one of the rear bearings replaced. I don’t have the tools to do most of this, so what would a fair price be to pay someone? Also, should I have both rear bearings done?

  6. PaintballOO7 says:

    The rear bearing that went bad might not be a pressed bearing. In that case, you take the wheel off, remove a clip, and pull the bearing by hand. It shouldnt cost that much. That is one possibility but I cant tell you for sure because it could be the inside bearing too which is pressed and harder to get to. Do you know which bearing it bad? Are you paying a friend or mechanic? And you only need to replace one, but the other could be ready to go (all depends)

  7. Daryl Mills says:

    Great vid – well done – I think I would have used a new split (cotter) pin though as they are cheap and will just be a peace of mind.

  8. PaintballOO7 says:

    Yea, I went back and changed it because I didnt have a cotter pin that fit. Thanks for the tip and thanks for the comment!!!!

  9. KamD450 says:

    This video just saved my wallet.

  10. Dersu Aspiazu says:

    Do you need to pack grease into the bearing?

  11. PaintballOO7 says:

    No. These are sealed bearings. You cannot see the ball bearings inside so they are pre-lubed. If you can see the bearings then you need to pack them. You smack your hand with grease in it, against the ball bearing opening.

  12. Juan Quezada says:

    What size socket was the big bolt?

  13. PaintballOO7 says:

    30mm… I added it in the annotations!

  14. WhosThatGuy3000 says:

    What sorcery is this? lol. im glad i now have an idea. but still scared to take on the job. notes. notes. notes. thanks for the vid!!!

  15. PaintballOO7 says:

    You can easily do it as long as you have the right tools. Def need all the tools in the video (except the pneumatic impact wrench). Get a breaker bar, it will help you so much! Plus, the video is a great reference for when you take it apart and put it back together.

  16. FilthyFletch says:

    Nice video. Did my rear bearing assembly onb my 97 tbird few years back and new front set coming this weekend. Now as dumb as it sounds can you do a quick video on how to set those damn click torque wrenches? I had an old pointer indicator that broke so gonna be using the click torque from autozone but not one person in the store has any clue how to set it and with all the sets of numbers and degrees Im lost on it lol

  17. PaintballOO7 says:

    Yea I can make a how to use a torque wrench video. I wont be able to do so for about 10 days tho.

  18. claudia casillas says:

    Thanks bro for showing how its done

  19. PaintballOO7 says:

    No prob! Glad it was helpful!

  20. RCB17pilot says:

    Thanks mate, highly informative video. Clear and concise. I’ll do the same job this weekend.

  21. PaintballOO7 says:

    Thanks for the comment! Glad the video is gonna help! Good luck!

  22. kata5trophysg says:

    thanks bro you saved me alot of money and i earned alot of automative knowledge by watching your vids ! youre awesome!

  23. PaintballOO7 says:

    Great! That is my goal! Thanks for the comment!

  24. abel barrera says:

    long video but the best one, please like and subscribe, this is the type of vid we need on youtube.

  25. PaintballOO7 says:

    Thanks a lot man! Comments like this make my day!