E Maths Chap 3.8 – Further Trigonometry Bearings Example 1

May 31st, 2013 by admin

E Maths Chap 3.8 – Further Trigonometry Bearings Example 1.



  1. William Kang says:

    For question a) the answer is a two digit number, do we put a 0 in front of answer to make it a 3 digit answer?

  2. Harreh Pottah says:

    you mean clockwise not anticlockwise 🙂 but thanks!

  3. Ashley Imbert says:

    great explanation…this helps alot!!!

  4. Sv Cmae says:

    WOW, Thanks alot! My Math Paper 2 is tomorrow and I didn’t understand a thing about bearing. SO THANKS!!!

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