DSN Animation – How do ball bearings work?

May 1st, 2013 by admin



  1. punjabpolice911 says:

    Just loved it , simple and so attractive…
    Many Thanks !
    God bless you

  2. PYROSAMable says:

    lol 1 comment

  3. techdude1876 says:

    balls O steel

  4. nobak711 says:

    thanks :)

  5. FischbachFoodTour says:

    Excellent explanation and great animation!

  6. dalsenov says:

    Very informative,in a simple manner! Thanks!

  7. unboxingusa1234 says:

    this is realy helpful thank you

  8. Prakash Mathi says:

    Very use ful for the video,so thanks to u,i am a mechanical students.

  9. plukap says:

    so yeah why couldn’t they just say that in school? ty

  10. RanMan171 says:

    Outstanding videos! Simple, clear, short and no non-sense.
    Other videos out there can run for 10 minutes without ever explaining anything.

  11. rchasse1000 says:

    This is a must have… Its called BearingCalc. look it up on Google Play.
    Was worth the 2 bucks!

  12. rmanandhar01 says:

    Fantastic video. I could not find a better explanation yet so far.

  13. Paola Borsoi says:

    I’ll use this at school to teach my pupils 😛

  14. rasmasyean says:

    The animation doesn’t look right. It seems hte outer ring should mover faster when the balls “roll” on it.