Diagnosing and detecting worn or loose steering head bearings

June 14th, 2013 by admin

A quick and simple explanation and demonstration of how to check your steering head bearings for wear and/or looseness.



  1. pougatchoff says:

    Very informative! thank you..

  2. cdilmore says:

    Great! Thanks for the knowledge!

  3. Jason Leo says:

    how long is it safe to drive on loose bearings without ruining them. i had my bearings replaced 3 days ago then after hitting a bump they are loose and bike rocks slightly when stop hard. Im getting it in a garage on friday for them to tighten it up. Im assuming the first place screwed up??. will i loose any balls or damage the bearings if i use it till friday i do 20 miles a day. i dont have tools to fix it myself. its a 125cc scooter. thanks