Correct Way To Clean Rollerblade Skate And Skateboard Bearings

July 21st, 2013 by admin

This is how you disassemble roller blade or skate board bearings, clean them and put them back together. These bearings are Bones Swiss Bearings, they are ea…



  1. ArcolaBridge says:

    Don’t forget to use a rag to clean the inner and outer races of the bearings after you shake them in acetone, you will notice more dirt come off, it is an essential step before putting them back together.

  2. GeorgysaurusRex says:

    Great tutorial! It really helped

  3. ArcolaBridge says:

    Ha! Glad I could help.

  4. blader2305 says:

    can i use citrus cleaner

  5. ArcolaBridge says:

    No, the best way to do this is to shake them vigorously in Acetone and wipe the inner and out races with a rag. Citrus cleaner is not abrasive enough to remove the old grease/oil/dirt. Acetone isn’t expensive and can be bought almost anywhere.

  6. kyomo911 says:

    How many of the bearing do you do at one time?

  7. ArcolaBridge says:

    All of them, I put the entire thing, inner and out races and balls into a power ade container and shake them for about 5 minutes.

  8. Mitchell Smith says:

    You say balls a lot

  9. elecctricJ says:

    Aye uhh…you from Jersey? thanks for the tips btw

  10. ArcolaBridge says:

    From Minnesota ha glad I could help

  11. kyomo911 says:


  12. neljoe says:

    Hi, what kind of oil should we use?

  13. ArcolaBridge says:

    There is something called speed cream which I recommend but you just need a little bit. Otherwise you can use what I’m using here, which is a standard oil I got at a sports store. Use an oil designed for bearings or speed cream.

  14. crunkdrunk1 says:

    So i’m following step by step and then 8:25 you tell me that “i’ve just ruined these by taking them apart”. WTF man I guess i’ve ruined mine. Next time start by saying that kinda stuff instead of at the end, after.

  15. ArcolaBridge says:

    Did you watch the whole vid? If you have metal covers on them they are (sealed) and non serviceable, I said that very clearly in the vid… Watch the whole thing first, if you have sealed bearings they are non serviceable. But I think I said in the video but if I didn’t you can actually buy some rubber bearing covers and put those on your sealed bearings, I’ve done this before and those covers are cheap.

  16. smooerseater23 says:

    acetone disolves rubber and nylon thats why people don’t usually like to put the sheilds and what not int eh acetone. 

  17. ArcolaBridge says:

    I’ve doin’ it for years without consequence, it’s harmless.

  18. Angus220b says:

    hey um i put my bearings in a cup of wd-40 to soak with out doing anything to them or opening them before seeing this video they are abec 5s what will happen to them?

  19. ArcolaBridge says:

    Nothin much, wd40 is not designed to get hot or work as a lubricant.  wd40 is designed to evaporate. What you did is mostly harmless, the main ingredient in wd40 is fish oil so… I guess once you start rolling your just going to burn it off and leave the bearings dry. Do your bearings have metal covers? Or rubber? It’s best to get serviceable bearings.

  20. darkgaiasonic says:

    From what I hear, its purpose is to get out excess water.

    Don’t think its theoretically lube, but I use it anyhow. ( Alongside with oil )