AR Drone 2.0 Upgrade Bearings, Bearing Upgrade, How to Remove Stock Bushings – Episode 5

July 4th, 2013 by admin

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  1. Jose Arroyo says:

    Hey Kyle how much do you sell the propellers? I just broke one:(

  2. Kyle Tarpley says:

    They’re $10 right now

  3. Jose Arroyo says:

    each or for a set? What about the gears? The gear and the little metal rod broke:/

  4. Kyle Tarpley says:

    Gear and a shaft broke too huh? In the props, gears, and shafts section of my store I have 4 shafts for $12, 4 gears are $8, 8 gears are $15, and one each gears, shaft and c clip are $8.50. Click into my stores link right below the video and you’ll see your options

  5. Kyle Tarpley says:

    Oh and $10 is for 4 props

  6. Jose Arroyo says:

    Sorry kyle no offense but I bought the parts from a guy that also sells drone items just because his town is close to L.A. but for sure I’m buying that 60 beat controller! Do I absolutely need the blue tool kit to put the gear and shaft? The parts completely came off so I don’t need to worry about taking them off lol

  7. Kyle Tarpley says:

    It sounds like you need the set if 1 shaft, gear and c clip and a set of 4 props. That’s about $18. Lol there’s a link above you can see your options there

  8. Kyle Tarpley says:

    Hey no worries. You can use the yellow kit if you’ve got it, it’s nice quite as good though. If you already have the yellow you can get by, but if you don’t have either the blue is better and it’s actually less expensive in my eCrater store than the yellow is elsewhere, I don’t sell the yellow. Without a tool kit of some kind removing the screws and especially the c-clips will be tricky.

  9. Dave Cummings says:

    Awesome! So glad I found you bro! Cause I been hoping to find a drone owner that was modding and selling the parts all in one! Fantastic bid too by the way! Just got my 2.0 a few weed ago. Love it and getting better in flying it, but would lie to get better performance out if it. I also do vinyl wrapping for cars. And if you ever need vinyl or logos or deals, let me now! I am w

  10. Dave Cummings says:

    Dong my outdoor drone hull in chrome only wrap. Also, if ya like I can cut a decal of your website if ya like and you can put it on the side of your drone. Just an idea! 😉

  11. Dave Cummings says:

    My site is LovenpainDesigns with the .com

  12. Kyle Tarpley says:

    Yeah let’s work something out, thanks Dave! I’m running out the door to favor another video right now but ill get back with you this evening.

  13. Kyle Tarpley says:

    Yeah I just checked out your website, nice work. You know I’ve been looking for someone who can apply carbon vinyl to hulls for me. At present I sell the hulls themselves, and often in quantity to a guy in Florida who sells them on eBay but he’s pretty sketch, in fact he just started a new eBay seller account because his regular one got suspended from neg feedback.

  14. Kyle Tarpley says:

    So I’ve been thinking about maybe selling them myself since he’s the only one doing it at present, and not spectacularly. He doesn’t even fly himself I don’t think. Would you have any interest in an ongoing deal to apply carbon to hulls? I don’t know much about chrome, got any photos/videos?

  15. robert farnham says:

    what tip are you using , I cant get the stock bears out as easly as you did.

  16. Kyle Tarpley says:

    Try the tips marked T3, T5, T6, or T10. Any of those will work, depending on whether it’s stock bushings or upgrade bearings different sizes will fit slightly better than others. The T5 is the one I usually use.

  17. mykalt45 says:

    Nice video man. I’m new to the Parrot Drone 2.0, and I am very interested in trying to minimize the breakage from crashes. What app are you using? Are you using wifi to control it? I’ve had some wifi cut-out issues. It makes me hesitant to take it outside.

  18. Kyle Tarpley says:

    I’m using drone ace and wifi. Oh no it’s much safer outside than inside, so long as you’ve got a wide open space. Are you in a real crowded area as far as wifi signals?

  19. muddogmikeable says:

    want to upgrade my batt ar2.0 do you have video. on type of batt any harness changes etc.

  20. Dylan Butler says:

    Hey kyle, how do the bearings help? And parrot sed tht they released a new battery but i cnt find it.?