1996 RL Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement -EricTheCarGuy

July 2nd, 2013 by admin

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  1. adrian17cy says:

    I lived with that sound for more than 5 years on the back wheels of my Mitsubishi Mirage! Sold it few months ago, but nobody (mechanics) knew where that sound came from… Now I know, but it’s too late! Thank you Eric! Great video!

  2. Peter North says:

    Erwic was like “bitch get in the car I want you to hear somethin!”

  3. David Chau says:

    “there’s a torque spec,……. I’ve never used it” hahaha love the brutal honesty

  4. matthew earle says:

    Your Suppose to use the torque spec its actually very crutial because over or under torqueing will lead to premature destruction of the bearing the torque spec is designed to put a specific pressure on the bearings o please besure if ure doing this to torque it, if u over torque a new bearing it can be destroy in one week not good

  5. matthew earle says:

    your also suppose to clean the back of the rotor if not putting new on otherwise the rotor is microscopically not flush against the bearing assembly causing on off pressure on the bearing and brakes as the wheel turns

  6. Dan Man says:

    Thanks i still own a mirage!

  7. zestelter says:

    Sweet video man!

  8. Runkleforskin says:

    Ericthecarguy… I have found in my experience with swapping out wheel bearing hub assemblies, that when you get to the part of removing the disc… you can (remove small screws if vehicle has them, then…) just remove the spindle nut, and take the entire hub off with the disc (if the disc is stuck and won’t budge.) Then after you have removed it, you can easily just set the disc/hub upright, hold the top with your hand, and gently tap the studs. Viola!! 99% of the time, the hub falls free.

  9. Howard Walton says:

    I would like to see a video on replacing disc brakes and wheel bearings on a 2007 Town & Country. (or a Grand Caravan would do I suppose)


  10. havikmc says:

    hitting two hammers together??????????????????? hammers are hardened steel and shatter when you smack them together.

  11. makeyalaugh18 says:

    Heck yea lol

  12. wizkid01 says:

    do they???????….really??

  13. iamdiox says:

    for the races, tried something simple lastly with brazing torch, propane, whatever……heat up a few…and take a channel lock…pulls right off…gave enough expansion to pull by the thickess part of the race

  14. thepaashaas says:

    If you use non-human brutal force then yes, they will, but if your afraid it will shatter you can just as well use one rubber or copper (50Oz) hammer, then itś save 🙂

  15. Travis Szylak says:

    No grease??

  16. rclement11 says:

    new bearings don’t need grease,unless they are placed upon a spindle.oh and the torque is finger tight.

  17. ishouldgetalif3 says:

    Nothing beats pure brute force if that doesn’t work, USE MORE!

  18. behold755 says:

    12:08, Was the best part.

  19. Recovery12Life says:

    how do you feel about using an oven to head the drum and freezing the bearing to avoid using a press. it works very well except it seams like there would be damage to the lubricant in the bearing?

  20. G MULLER says:

    Thanks Eric, you saved me a bundle of money!

  21. tdooley68 says:

    Thank you for the video Eric, I now feel comfortable to do my own bearing replacement on my 96 RL! It’s been humming for about 3 months now.

  22. Chris Tomkinson says:

    The autism is strong with this one.

  23. t mak says:

    Thank you for making this video! I have a 97 Acura rl.

  24. t mak says:

    And was driven during the flood in NYC. And it’s starting to hum just like the car you worked on. The front wheel bearing would require a hydraulic press

  25. Axle Chastain says:

    I have a 03 Silverado 1500 4wd. I’m getting a squeal coming from the back passenger wheel it sounds like. Would I need to put a new wheel hub on it or a wheel bearing which I would I have to pull out the deferential to put the bearing on. and it is a squealing sound not a humming sound